We offer a wide variety of Process Control & Instrumentation & Electrical Measurement products in association with Leading manufacturers. As the sole authorised representatives of Camille Bauer AG, Switzerland in India we offer the following products:

1.   Multifunction Power/Energy/Power Quality Meters:

SINEAX A210/220:

  • Unique high functionality (63 measured values) in the most compact form (depth 46mm only)
  • Complete 3 way galvanic isolation between all circuits and between the three current inputs.
  • Unique dust and water proof IP66 front for tough industrial applications.
  • Extension modules for MODBUS, Data Recording, Analog Outputs and unique ETHERNET Digital Communications.
  • Large LED display that can be read from a distance.
  • Storage of all counter values, min/max values, display modes and programmed data on failure of the power supply.
  • Measurement in single phase, 3 phase, 3 wire and 4 wire systems in 4 quadrant operations.
  • Completely programmable design.
  • Measurement of all electrical parameters including Neutral Conductor Current, 4meters each for active and reactive power.
  • Universal ac(45…400Hz)/dc Power supply.

SINEAX A230/230s:

All the above unique features and in addition…

  • Harmonic Analysis on current and voltage, THD, Asymmetric Voltage and all comprehensive Electrical measurements.
  • High accuracy: V,I-0.2%; P,Q,S,PF,meter-0.5%; F-0.02Hz.
  • Complete PC based software for data recording and analysis.

2.  Videographic Recorders:



  • Ideal cost effective replacement for paper recorder.
  • Secure data recording with internal flash memory for 12 recording channels that preserves stored data during power failure without need for battery backup.
  • Industrial standard, robust, high reliability storage with SmartMedia or Compact Flash memory cards that can operate truly upto 50 deg. C (not floppy discs that are low capacity & unreliable).
  • Complies with the American FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations.
  • Checksum data verification to ensure integrity of data.
  • New archived files can be generated automatically at one of three specifiable intervals and have clearly identifiable file names comprising time, date and a user definable 20 character ID.
  • Unique miniature "finger print" for each archived file. This is encrypted to form a digital signature that is stored with the archived data to provide proof of validity of data in the most secured way.
  • A media door lock fitted as standard to prevent unauthorised access to removable media.
  • Simple easy to use Windows style Pop Up Menu and configurations screens.
  • Unique, Unsurpassed environmental protection-IP 66/NEMA 4X enclosure for complete hosedown water proof, dust proof design.
  • High electrical immunity to operate effectively in high electrical noise environments.
  • ETHERNET digital communications, FTP server functionality with upto 4 FTP users access.
  • Embedded web server for easy data access over the internet.
  • Remote access/monitoring with ETHERNET communications via the use of public telephone network with dial up router.
  • 12 universal inputs (mA, mV,RTD,Thermocouple,V), upto 12 two- wire Transmitter loop power supply, 12 Totalisers, 24 Process Alarms, 4 Real time alarms, 18 digital inputs, 18 digital outputs, 6 analog outputs, 18 Relay Outputs.
  • State of the art solution for data recording and storage which can be viewed in a variety of display formats-chart, bar graph, digital indicator and process summary.


In addition to all the above features of Linax A310, Linax A320 has the following additional features:

  • Higher 8MB internal memory to store upto 2.8 million data values.
  • Extensive mathematical and logic functions including average, variance and sliding average, log, ln, square root, trigonometric functions and more.
  • Switching of process signals via signal selection and via multiplex functions.
  • Equations for calculations of F0 and relative humidity already predefined.
  • High contrast active TFT display with touch screen functionality.


In addition to all above features of Linax A310/A320, this recorder has the following additional features:

  • Large clear display-31cms (12.1 in) TFT colour screen with overall cut out of 288x288mm.
  • Measures and simultaneously displays upto 36 universal analog inputs, digital inputs and calculations.
  • Upto 144 alarms may be freely defined.
  • Two security modes are available for protecting instrument configurations - individual passwords and access levels or a tamper proof seal.

3.  Temperature Transmitters

  • Extensive range of programmable Temperature Transmitters for RTD and Thermocouples.
  • Standard and Intrinsically safe versions.
  • 2 wire and 4 wire Temperature Transmitter models.

4.  Angular and Linear Position Transmitters

  • Patented Capacitive solid state sensing system for best reliability under unfavourable circumstances including vibration, shock, ambient).
  • Two Primary types – Microprocessor based programmable version and fixed range type versions.
  • Standard and Intrinsically safe versions.
  • Kinax 3W2 - Fixed range OEM type.
  • Kinax 2W2 – Programmable version, OEM type.
  • Kinax WT710 – Field type housing, fixed range.
  • Kinax WT711 – Field type housing, Programmable design.
  • Kinax WT707 - Industrial Machine building, Field type housing, Fixed range.
  • Kinax WT717 – Industrial Machine Building, Field type housing, Programmable version.
  • Kinax SR709 - Linear Position Transmitter, Fixed range.
  • Kinax SR719 – Linear position Transmitter, Programmable version.

5.  Electrical Multi Transducers

  • Unique, Unparalleled range of completely Programmable Transducers for measuring all Electrical parameters.
  • High accuracy (Class 0.2)
  • Sineax M563 – Cost effective, Programmable Transducers with 3 analog outputs.
  • Sineax DME 424 – 2 Analog, 4 digital outputs.
  • Sineax DME 442 – 4 analog, 2 digital outputs.
  • Sineax DME 440 – 4 analog and RS 485 with MODBUS Digital Communications.
  • Sineax DME 401 – RS 485 with MODBUS Digital Communications output.
  • Sineax DME 400 – FTT 10 with LON Bus Digital Communications interface.
  • Sineax DME 406 – RS 485 with ProfiBus DP Digital Communications interface.
  • Sineax DME 407 – Unique ETHERNET with MODBUS over TCP/IP.
  • Sineax DME 408 - ETHERNET with MODBUS over TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP.
  • Sineax DME 450 – Unique Electrical Multi Transducer for measuring current and voltage transformer outputs with 4 analog outputs and 2 analog outputs.

6.   Electrical Transducers

  • Complete range of Electrical Transducers for all electrical parameters – V, I, P, Q, S, F, PF/cos phi.
  • Unique Frequency Difference and Phase Angle Difference Transducers.
  • Arithmetic average and True RMS measurements
  • Single, 3 phase 3/ 4 wire, balanced and unbalanced loads.
  • High Accuracy Class 0.2 versions also.

7.  Isolators & DC Interface products

  • Wide range of signal isolators – Upto 3.7 KV Input Output isolation.
  • Standard and Intrinsically safe versions.
  • IS versions function as isolating IS Barriers in various models.
  • SINEAX TV809 - Unique Signal Isolator/ Transmitter with DC Voltage and Current measurent. High DC Voltage measurement Upto 1000V dc.
  • Various models – 2 wire Transmitter power supplies, Alarm Units, Isolating Switching Amplifiers and Solenoid Drivers.